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Deception in Movies


All societies discourage lying in the young and encourage it in adults: social lies, white lies, big and little lies, lies to get ahead, lies to increase your business chances, or just to avoid unpleasantness. A million times, around the world, people say, “No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat,” “Oh, I’m so sorry, we’re busy that night,” and occasionally, “No, officer, I didn’t kill my husband.”

 Join me to watch and discuss "The Bad Seed," "The Lady Eve," "Victor/Victoria," and 1962's "The Manchurian Candidate," which explore why people deceive, how they succeed or fail, and the repercussions. The class will run 15 minutes later when we watch " The Manchurian Candidate."

Instructor Biography

Lynda Tisdell saw "Peter Pan" at the age of six and has never forgotten it. Passionate about movies, she has studied them, endlessly discussed them, and dreamed about them. She has previously taught Great Movies courses of “Classics, “Oscar Winners,” “Feel-Good Movies,” and the themes of “Politics,” “Children and Their Families,” “Romances,” “Musicals,” and “Great Movie Biographies.”

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