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Ancient Egyptian Technologies


Discover how the ancient Egyptians solved basic problems for daily life. 

  • How did they extract, transport and build with heavy objects like stone?
  • How did they use high heat technology from pottery, glass and various metals (gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron and steel) to make tools and weapons?
  • How did ancient Egyptians fashion ornamental and practical objects from wood: (palm and cedar) to make wedges, furniture and ships for war and transport?
  • How did ancient Egyptians measure, control and move water and apply it for agriculture and domestic animals?

Instructor Biography

Richard Lobban, Ph.D., professor emeritus of anthropology and African studies at Rhode Island College, serves as adjunct professor of African studies at the Naval War College. He has a master’s degree from Temple University and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and has taught at the American University in Cairo, Tufts University and Dartmouth College among others. He has conducted field research in Tunis and Egypt and has been excavating a temple in Sudan for 10 years. Richard is widely published in his areas of expertise: urban and complex societies, informal sector economy, gender, ethnicity, race and class, especially in the Middle East. He often serves as a subject matter expert and court-appointed expert witness in political asylum cases for refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

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